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This week has been absolutely crazy, amazing, and fun. I’ve been at Sundance all week and I can’t even tell you about the amazing things I’ve done.

I’ve met celebrities, gone to concerts, met beautiful girls, and gotten free stuff. This is what Sundance includes, but more than anything is about the movies.

This year I have been incredibly blessed to see several movies, all have been excellent, in their premiere glory. I can’t even tell you how exciting it is to see a movie before anyone else in the world has. It allows you to form your own opinion and doesn’t allow critics to influence you.

I will be writing more about my Sundance experience next week as I prepare for surgery. It will be quite the week!


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As the days inch closer to my surgery, 15 to be exact, anxiety has set in. Am I doing this for the right reasons? What if I don’t wake up? If I do wake up will I have an infection? Will I be happy with the results?

I think before going under the knife everyone goes through several scenarios of “what if”. I have 15 days to reflect over my life, and while the phrase “my life flashed before my eyes” is ringing in my head. I don’t have the luxury of a flash. I get the in detail, every word, good moment, bad moment, in between moment, etc. This kind of reflection honestly makes one start to think of things that are important.

I also asked people for advice on IV’s. Now I’d like to think I have a high pain tolerance, but when I comes to needles, I am cowering in the corner. I was told to drink orange juice before I have to stop eating and drinking. This will supposedly make the needle hurt less and make my vein easier to find. I’m good for about one prick and then I’m done. If we do more…I might lose it and punch the nurse.

So here is to a speedy recovery, wonderful results, and to the hope that the nurse’s face will be spared!


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