If I Could Go Back…

It’s late. I’m tired. I’m frustrated. I’m a long list of emotions at the current time of 11:48pm.

If I could go back in time right now these are some things I would change…

1. Choices after high school
2. Waiting to start college again
3. Accepting this VP position from HELL!
4. Losing contact with friends
5. Not going on a mission
6. Not focusing on grades until college
7. Any moment I felt inadequate
8. Not starting with Dean Kaelin sooner
9. Hurting my family, friends, and people around me
10. Forgetting who I am

Okay…after writing that list down I feel better. I wouldn’t change 90% of those things because they have helped me to grow. They’ve helped me establish my relationship with my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

I am a work in progress and all these things are for my good. I need to read D&C 121 again. That will bring me solace…



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2 responses to “If I Could Go Back…

  1. Karissa

    No way! I like to read D & C 121 when I’m having a hard time too. It’s the best! 122 pretty awesome too. I also really love Ether 12.
    Anyway, don’t regret college. Get as much of it done before you get married as you can. That’s my advice to you. It’s way harder to be in school whilest married.

  2. I’ve got some regrets too. Don’t let them make you bitter like me.

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